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The adoption of electric and hybrid cars and trucks is increasing, and as more and more people start using them, there will be a greater need for places to charge these vehicles. Since each company has its own different plug connection standard, your purchase or lease might restrict where you can charge at one location. But every home has the necessary equipment to recharge its vehicle. This article will discuss the various charging station connections available and how we think we may be able to move into a future without electric car plugs at all! There are many electric cars on the market, and they all use different types of electric car plugs for charging connections. Find out in this infographic whether you need a Type 2 plug, a CHAdeMO connector, or a CCS Combo Standards connector.

Types of Electric Car Plugs are Available in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

As an EV owner, comprehending the various electric car plugs can assist you in determining how and where you can charge your vehicle. Recognizing the car charging plug variations can also help you accommodate all your EV driving visitors if you’re a business owner or facility manager regarding investing in EV charging stations. There are 2 kinds of AC vehicle-side connections, which are often utilized for upper charging at home, work, and destinations.

Types of AC Connectors

TYPE 1 3.7kW 7kW 12.5 miles 25 miles 5-pins Standard US connector No locking mechanism Single-phase only
TYPE 2 3.7kW 7kW 22kW (three-phase) * 12.5 miles 25 miles 75 miles 7-pins By far the most common connector on new cars Inbuilt locking mechanism Can carry three-phase power

Types of DC Connectors

There are 3 types of DC car-side connections that are often used for en-route quick charging. All DC quick charging stations will have cables with both a CHAdeMO and a CCS connection attached, so you may select which one matches your car plug. Fast chargers do not charge at their full rated power all the time to safeguard the cell.
DC connector type Typical Power Ratings Approx range per 30 mins charging* Features
CHAdeMO 50kW 100kW 75 miles 150 miles Original DC connector
Combined Charging System (CCS) 50kW 150kW** 350kW*** 75 miles 225 miles 525 miles High power Neat arrangement with 2 x ‘Type 2’ pins Likely to become the most popular DC standard
Type 2 150kW 250kW**** 225 miles 375 miles Only Tesla Superchargers provide DC via a Type 2 connector


There’s no necessity to be worried about multiple Electric car plugs for charging connector types if you’re interested in charging your electric car at home. Every charging equipment in your market will have the same manufacturing connector as your electric vehicle. If you are looking for designing and developing an electric car plug charger then reach out at Monarch Innovation today! Feel free to contact us and our team will get back to you soon!  
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