Hardware Fabrication

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Hardware Fabrication & Assembly

At Monarch Innovation, we work towards designing & developing cost-effective, innovative, and user-friendly Hardware Engineering Fabrication solutions. We specialize in the installation and fabrication of system instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, flow, and strain gauge instruments.

When it comes to Hardware Fabrication specifications, materials, and details are crucial for maintaining high-end quality. We go into the technical aspects, providing robust hardware while paying attention to detailed measurements of tools. Our Experts manually wire various thru-hole and SMD Chips as well as passive components for packages. Furthermore, we have machines equipped with pick and place features that can execute the placement and soldering of components of various packages effectively.

Fabrication & PCB Detailing

  • We have successfully developed projects for the fabrication of Multi-Layer PCBs ranging from single layers to twelve layers and have the capability of producing even more complex projects. Furthermore, our custom-built PCBs are both reliable and flexible
  • Our PCB Designs vary from as thin as 0.2mm flexible to 1.6mm sturdy PCBs with multiple RF interfaces.
  • As Specialists in the field of Custom Hardware Fabrication , we have prior expertise in the industry with wiring Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC), Thin Quad Flat Packages (TQFP), Custom Pins for PQFP, BGAs & LGAs.

Why Choose Us?

Monarch Innovation boasts a testing facility that is equipped with Cutting-Edge Technological Infrastructure including Power Supplies, signal generators, analog & digital multimeters, network & logic analyzers backed by EEPROM Programming & PLD Development Support, Breakout Boards, Development Modules, and other tools for Embedded Development.

Known particularly for our Hardware Design Services, which constitute RF & Power Supply Designs. We have the potential of executing both functional and environmental testing with a 168-hour burn-in analysis rate. Our Hardware Designs abide by international standards and are coherent with international certifications like FCC Part 15, PTCRB, ISO 61000-4-2, 4-4,4-5, IS 13485, and Q9001:2000 Compliant projects.

Being a leading Hardware Fabrication Company , our technicians are equipped and well-versed with advanced mechanical training, certified application of tools, measurements of instruments, machining & fabrication equipment, and operation of mechanical parts, components, and systems.

Our Team of highly-skilled workers is proficient with Cadence, OrCAD, Altium, PCAD, CADSTAR, PADS, EAGLE, etc.

Specific Hardware Fabrication & Assemblies we provide:

  • Multi-Axis & High-Speed Machining
  • Hydraulic Shear
  • Precision Machining
  • Punch Pressing & Hot Stamping
  • Sheet Metal
  • Tubing & Piping
  • Electronics Fabrication
  • Surface Treatment
  • Coating
  • Welding & Heat Treatment
  • Propellant Handling & Testing

Hardware Architecture Services

Hardware Architecture is used to represent engineered or electromechanical hardware systems and is carried out to effectively implement the designs of a system. Thus, optimizing costs and envisaging a project beforehand. We provide a range of hardware & electronic architecture systems including:

  • Analog & digital circuit designs
  • High-Speed Interfaces
  • Microprocessor/DSP/memory integration
  • Sensor Integration
  • Optical communication
  • RF/Wireless Design
  • Supplies

Hardware Testing Services

Along with Hardware Fabrication & Architecture, Monarch Innovation also provides extensive System Evaluation & Testing Services that include:

  • Aerodynamic Testing
  • Dynamic Actuation, Vibration and Acceleration Testing
  • Environmental Simulation Testing
  • Cryogenic Fluid Research
  • Strength and Reliability/Durability Testing

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