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Monarch Innovation offers a resourceful and cost-effective scan to BIM services that helps create as-built BIM Models for retrofit, repair, and renovation of infrastructure assets. Partner’s name’s scan to BIM modelling services includes 3d BIM modelling ranging from LOD200 to LOD400 as per the point cloud to BIM services specifications and scan to BIM standards. We provide the expertise of scan to Revit and scan to CAD and have vast experience at our back working with scan to BIM services.

We have the competence and experience with our qualified staff influencing the various scan to BIM tools to convert point cloud and laser scan data into the detailed 3d BIM model. We also facilitate MEP scan to BIM services to MEP contractors, MEP designers, and consulting engineers. We offer efficient scan to BIM processes while delivering numerous scans to BIM jobs across industries in quick turnaround time with accurate deliverables.

Monarch Innovation has the working capability of all types of scan formats that are well-suited with BIM Software. We stand out in reading point cloud data and develop a detailed BIM Model with precision and dimensioning along with recreating existing elements to make a new model and new elements with existing ones. We have excelled in the point cloud to BIM conversion, laser scan to BIM, and MEP scan to BIM services. We implement detailed Point Cloud to BIM Services for historical monuments, commercial buildings, train stations, tunnels, bridges, oil and gas structures, etc.

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