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Monarch Innovation bring several smart products to design your home and garden to make them more appealing and you would be more inclined to spend your time enjoying and relaxing in its peaceful environment. Smart home automation provides home security, comfort and convenience and energy efficiency through a controlled smart device, by a smart home app on the smartphones or other networked devices. It is the combination of internet of things, smart home systems and devices that operate together to share consumer usage data among themselves and automate actions based on the owner’s preferences.

Below is a list of smart home technologies that we provide:

  • Smart TVs, connected to the internet to access content through apps such as on-demand music and video.
  • Smart lighting, not only being able to be controlled remotely and customized but also can detect when occupants are in the room and adjust lighting as per requirement.
  • Smart locks and garage-door openers, allowing grant or deny access to the visitors. In addition to it, Smart Locks can also detect if the residents are near and unlock the doors for them.
  • Smart security camera, monitoring homes when the residents are away. Smart motion sensors can identify the difference between residents, visitors and pets, and if there is any suspicious behavior detected, it notifies the owner immediately.

Why Choose Smart Home Products?

  • Management of all devices from one place
  • Flexibility for new devices and appliances
  • Maximum home security
  • Remote controlled home functions
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved appliance functionality
  • Home management insights

What else could be the best and peaceful experience rather than gardening at home or practicing agriculture, where one can spend more time without stepping out of the house. We are here to provide you with the best automated products to make your garden lively and happening, and for better agricultural experiences.

We provide smart garden and agricultural products design services:

Automated drip irrigation, by the application of Internet of things, watering can be automated.

Sensors for monitoring of moisture, to monitor the humidity and moisture level. This helps in determining whether watering is required and in what quantity.

Sensors for monitoring the pH of the growth medium to rectify the pH of the growth medium rather than waiting for the corrective actions later.

Sensors for monitoring nutrients in the growth medium to monitor and maintain the level of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Smart sprinklers, lets you control the sprinklers by turning it on and off remotely, through an app. The app assists in scheduling when the sprinklers water the lawn and for what duration.

Weather sensors, for monitoring temperature, rainfall, and winds so that watering is done in the correct amount and lets you know when the conditions are right for planting a garden.

Smart soil sensors, for measuring the volumetric water content in soil and to measure irrigation systems more efficiently. It also helps a lot in increasing yields and the quality of the crops by improved management of soil.

Why Choose Smart Garden and Agriculture Products?

  • Healthy plants
  • Less work
  • Incredible convenience and ease of use
  • Stress relief
  • Helps the environment
  • One can grow one’s own food
  • Revolutionary smart soil
  • Water conservation
  • Lowered operation costs
  • Increased production quality
  • Real-time data and production insights
  • Accurate evaluation of farm and field
  • Improves livestock farming
  • Reduction in environmental footprint

We aim to provide the best that fits into your choice be it smart home gadgets or smart garden and agriculture products. We take great care of your choice, suggestions and accommodation and serve you with the latest technology. Contact Us for more information.



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