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Privacy Policy

Monarch Innovation not only focuses on getting work done. But we give equal and ardent importance to privacy and safeguarding. For that, we follow full transparency and clear out the process of consent through a non-disclosure agreement also. We are straightforward and highly dedicated to client secrecy too! We will only require information related to the service you work with us for!!

Here are our policy commandments under every aspect you may resort to during our partnership!!

Data collection

This process includes gathering your personal information through fields online from our site and other company spaces. We only ask for contact and payment info that we keep highly confidential.
The contact info refers to your name, email ID, telephone number, and postal address so we can reach you to extend our services. For payment info, we ask you for your name, card or e-wallet details, shipping & billing address, TAX identification number, and other trade-related data.
Also, we get data from your other website usage and the services you have taken! This we carry out in two ways-
Analysis of the site gives us the weblog of our site and other sites too, with information such as visits, popular data, its type, popular services, etc. Also, when you interact with our site we store all the interactions and activities with the website it is stored as information logs. We get info like your IP address URL, referral URL, exit URL, browser software, operating system, date/time, requests, error responses, telephone number, chat messages from our live chat, info from our forms, and all other information you enter at contact points.
  Social Media
Even though there would have been a prior chat on a social media platform to initiate work collaboration. We do not save the entire chat. You are required to put in an email asking for the same professionally. We disclose or mention clients on social media only with their consent for marketing purposes.

Data utilization

As mentioned above once we get your contact and billing and payment information, We ensure that we use it wisely. Your contact information is only used to reach out and notify you about the status and progress of your project, alert you about offer and new additions, changes to our products and sites, and circulate the newsletter. Your payment and billing information is just for further processing, deliverability, and tax clearance.
We even talked about information from third-party websites and our services, which are purely for service enhancement, resolving issues, supervision, diagnosing problems, client documentation, inquiry recording, and better optimization.

Data processing purpose

We only collect information necessary for the service you hire us for. We believe in full transparency with privacy at the same time. Your information is secure with us! We use your data only where you give us your consent. To keep it all legal we start off by filing a contract. Other ways your information can be used is to comply with legal obligations, court orders, or defend our claims.
Do not worry it is all in the good sense with the partnership. The data is thoroughly used to run, grow, process and deliver services, prevent frauds, enhance security and understandability, determine impacts, and modify or personalize our services and communication. Remember your consent is a must for the usage of your information.

Information from cookies

Browsing or any internet activity uses cookies. We use cookies from our site to get information such as web visitor sessions and interactions, account identification, personalization, and tracking. We also use the cookie data to finish contractual obligations with third parties who you land on from our website spaces and ads. All of this to better our services and enhance personalization in the process.

Manner and personnel of information sharing

 All your information with us at Monarch Innovation will be held confidential. Here are the scenarios under which information sharing can take place-
Legal obligation- We disclose information as asked in a subpoena, court order, or other genuine governmental requests.
In-house personnel- Your information will be distributed to people associated with your project only so that they can contribute to the services that you want the way you want, process the project on our behalf, bill, deliver, tax clear and manage your account. We adhere to privacy strictly.
Third-party providers- Sometimes even third parties are involved at stages such as payment gateways, software holders, fraud detectors, online information providers, payment and data processors, Specialty finance, media, internet content, and information services, Advertising, and marketing industries, CRMs. Remember that only the required information is provided. We do not permit any of the associated third-party members to save or use your information for secondary and personal purposes.
Your approval- As expressed earlier, your information will be disclosed with your permission only. We will not otherwise disclose any information for purposes not falling under this Privacy Policy. We will keep you notified about your information sharing and go ahead only if you allow us to!


We give you a copy of the information we hold.
You can withdraw consent for information sharing wholly or partially.
Raise an objection to any information sharing you find inappropriate.
Restrict the manner of data processing.
Request for data portability to a third party.
You will get a notification if any legal obligation is required, and we may ask for some information regarding the same for confirmation.

Safety measures

All the information you enter that is transferred during transmission from and to our site is safely encrypted by the powerful Secure Sockets Layer software. Also, the billing card information is subject to tokenization for safeguarding. We might ask for individual proof before disclosing any personal information to you. Kindly note that how much ever security we get you, there is no guarantee of any internet transmission to be secure.

Privacy policy changes

We retain all the rights to change this privacy policy at any time, but with a notification before and after it’s done. All updates, do-overs, and changes will be applied to this Privacy Policy itself, so you are always on the ‘same page’ of knowing about information sharing.
You will be notified by mail, our website, or both about 15 days before the changes and right after the changes are done.

Further Point of Contact

There might be other questions you might have regarding your information sharing or perhaps an objection/request or you would simply want to reach out to us. You can do so by communicating throughinfo@monovative.com

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