electric car plugs

An Insight on Different Types of Electric Car Plugs For Charging Station Connection

The adoption of electric and hybrid cars and trucks is increasing, and as more and more people start using them,...

How MEP BIM Coordination Helps in the Construction Process

MEP drawings are a type of civil engineering that concentrates on the safety, functionality, and energy efficiency of structures in...

Tips and Tricks to Easily Develop a Fixture or Tooling

For a manufacturing enterprise, the success of a product depends on its quality. Tooling and fixture design is an important...
Advanced Simulation and Design Optimization; Monarch Innovation

Advanced Simulation and Design Optimization; Monarch Innovation

The computational simulation and design optimization of complex dynamic systems is a challenging task that requires the use of efficient...
CAD conversion and migration

A short guide to CAD conversion and migration; Monarch Innovation

CAD tools are always evolving. As they grow, they tend to become more powerful and sophisticated. The downside of this...
CAD Customization & Design Automation Services

CAD Customization & Design Automation Services

The whole history of CAD is based on automation; computers accelerated the production and modification of 2D drawings, eventually leading...
Augmented and Virtual Reality

What makes Monarch Innovation different from other AR and VR companies?

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is the latest and most exciting advancement in the entertainment and gaming industries. These technologies,...
MEP Drawing


Whether it is a construction project or designing the interiors and the exteriors of any building, the designers depend on...
iot embedded system

Everything You Need to Know About the Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems

Modern technology has allowed us to integrate computing into almost every aspect of our lives. We can now use our...
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