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Process Automation Services

As one of the top process automation companies , monarch innovation helps you to integrate advanced technologies such as machine learning & artificial intelligence to revamp your business's digital infrastructure.

Routine Administrative Tasks usually take up most of the time in a business. It costs companies more resources and depletes the productivity and motivation levels of employees. Automating these tasks can help employees to focus on more crucial and demanding tasks that require dedicated attention and complex problem solving that cannot be delegated to machines yet.

Being a leading process automation specialist in the industry, Monarch Innovation has successfully facilitated process automation services to a diverse range of industries including, BPO, Finance & Banking, Manufacturing, HR & Recruitment, Retail, FMCG, Insurance, Healthcare, Education & Insurance.

Features of Process Automation

  • Automates business processes such as administrative tasks, accounting, finance, operations, and much more.
  • Automates sales activities such as quote generation, invoice creation & distribution.
  • Automates Registration of new accounts & contacts and queries for Customer Relationship Management Software
  • 24/7 Activity Support for Automation Activities

Additionally, Our Comprehensive RPA Consulting Services incorporate intelligible & handy automation into our client’s projects, hence, providing them with enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, and increased business growth.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Comprehensive detailed insights
  • Reduced response times
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Increased savings
  • Alleviates the burden of repetitive tasks

Leveraging RPA Tools

We incorporate advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Bots with Cognitive capabilities for automation tasks so that they can provide you with informed timely decisions. Some of the open source tools we leverage are:

  • UIPath
  • Azure Logic App
  • MS Flow
  • Azure Automation Service
  • Blue Prism

Process Automation Services

Digital Business Process Automation

With the help of our Digital Business Process Automation Services delegate low requirement tasks to bots. Save manual labor & time with a data-driven approach to automate business workflows, content analysis, marketing analysis, management, etc, and get continual upgrades that perform more complex processes and maximize your business's growth potential.

Legacy System Integration

Outdated Legacy Systems demand more maintenance, slow down operational processes, and add costs for a company. However, we understand that most legacy systems fulfill certain functions for you, and changing systems would just add more costs. Therefore, with the help of our legacy system integration services, any system can be upgraded and made compatible with the existing technology, driving faster operations and thus increasing business growth.

Support Automation

Turn your Customer Support into a 24-hour instant help desk that can assist customers by resolving queries, redirect to concerned links, and optimize the experience for your customer so that you can close the deal. Additionally, Our IT Support for Automation helps you increase efficiency, close agreements and deals, and go beyond customer expectations.

Web Extraction Services

Get Access to Reliable, Relevant, and Organized Data in your desired formats with our web extraction services. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by automating sentiment analysis, price comparison, and market research data services. Save precious time by extracting data at finger-snapping speeds and make business decisions with the plethora of valuable information at your hands.

RPA Consulting

Our RPA Consulting guides you to identify and understand what services require automation. Then we map out a plan that maximized your optimal productivity, followed by suggesting to you the right RPA & OCR tools for executing the automation plan and presenting you with the proof of Concept.

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