Pritesh Patel

He is the founder and currently serves as the Managing Director of the company. An ‘Engineering Graduate’ in Mechanical from Nirma University and an ‘Engineering Master’ in Automotive Engineering from University of Hertfordshire, Mr. Pritesh brings with him 10 years of rich experience in the field of ‘Design & Engineering’. As a part of his research studies in UK he has worked upon several projects & research papers on ‘Fuel Cell’ design and has succeeded in achieving higher efficiency.

Mr. Pritesh flew back to India after completion of his studies, and had served to various local small scale industries & major international players. Mr. Pritesh was always passionate about being an Entrepreneur and this zeal of his, to do something new, motivated him to found Monarch Innovation Private Limited in 2011. The roots for this were sown way back in 2009 itself.

Since then it is no looking back for him. He took the reins of the company in his hands and made the company to grow by leaps & bounds. With his able leadership he has made a mark in the industry.

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