Manufacturing Support

Nowadays dynamic market changes need frequent and faster design changes to meet the competitive market needs. Monarch Innovations provides Manufacturing support, specially for those who wish to customize or redesign the product to fit the current requirements. We deliver the final product to our clients after completely testing the quality and re-checking if the output is up to the mark. Our products come with a promise of cost effectiveness and efficiency.

We are here to help you with the following services:

1. CNC Programming:
Computer Numeric Control Programming helps eliminate manual efforts and automates machine system by precisely encoded commands using CAD.

2. Mould and Die Design:
After studying the exact requirement and checking the feasibility, we create mould and die designs at reasonable market rates with material with long lifespan.

3. Vendor Selection
Once we understand your business and vendor requirement thoroughly, a list of suitable vendors is shortlisted and evaluated. We then request quotations after defining our expectations to them and once a response is received from the vendors, the best one is finalized after internal management discussion.

4. Prototype Manufacturing
Prototyping is an important part of the design process and we manufacture the same keeping in mind your end goal. We make it to resemble the exact final product which gives you a clear idea of what to expect as an outcome.

5. Material Handling Equipment
Manufacturing units surely require material handling equipment to ensure easy movement and safety of the products. We at Monarch Innovations understand your needs and depending on the kind of goods manufactured by you, we create material handling equipment that fits best to your requirement. While doing so a number of factors like, design, material, quality and handling capacity, ergonomics are kept in mind.

6. Jigs and Fixture Design
If you have a machine operating that requires guidance at different stages, we provide services of jigs and fixture designing to sort that out. Special purpose jigs and fixtures which can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual are designed by our experts to make your machine operation smooth.

7. Tooling and Equipment Design
We specialize in tooling and equipment design which supports affordable automation, efficient design and cost effectiveness. Your imagination can be turned into reality by our experienced team members and the final outcome is sure to be satisfactory.

All of these, to give you a one stop solution for all your needs.