Casting Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing

Casting Design, Prototyping &_Manufacturing

Monarch Innovations is an expert provider for design casting, prototyping and manufacturing of complex designs for clients across various categories. We are known for our quality and dedication and also passionate team members having experienced backgrounds.

We believe in adapting and implementing latest processes and introducing latest technologies for flawless results.

Some of the castings we design and manufacture includes:

  • Patterns made of Wooden/Aluminum/Cast Iron/Gun Metal and more
  • Sand Casting
  • Shell Molding
  • Investment Casting
  • Machine Molding (Match Plate Pattern)

Following are the 2 different prototype methods we offer currently:

Rapid Investment Casting

This method basically includes creating wax patterns using a 3D wax printing system. These wax patterns once done, are burned in a mold. Later, metal is poured into the hence created cavity that takes shape of the mold and gives the final product that can be replicated for production castings. This method is quite cost effective as compared to other methods used to produce parts.

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This is a quick process which not only leads to quick production but also helps us reduce the delivery turnaround time depending on geometry and complexity of the final casting. Aluminum, magnesium, zinc and stainless steel are the metals we use for casting.

Tolerance of these castings depend on metal used and geometry. The minimum casting wall thickness for stainless steel is 0.125, aluminum is .080 and magnesium is 0.080 inches.

Printed Sand Molding

Monarch Innovations have adapted the 3D printing technology which is efficient and reliable up to a great extent. Through this technology, we have started providing sand castings using the printed sand molds. Complex cores and undercuts and now easy to achieve using this state of the art system. Sand molds can be created in as little as 5 days from the day of receiving an order.

Traditional sand castings don’t support certain geometries and also have quantity restrictions. While all these short comings are solved by printed sand molds. Printed Sand Molding process is the best choice for making castings in large quantities and sizes.